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Disinfection Service

Adelántese a los problemas de infección y proporcione un entorno limpio, seguro y saludable para sus clientes y sus empleados. We propose surface treatments or volume disinfection. The surfaces are sprayed and volumes can be trated through nebulized or ultradiffused.

Our services specialists are regularly trained and use approved products.

Premises and Surfaces Disinfection
Disinfection of surfaces and premises: 

- Bacteria, 
- Microbes,
- Viruses,
- Germs,
- Molds.

Our services specialists are regularly trained and use approved products. They will intervene regularly on your site or upon your request and will not hesitate to promulgate you advices in order to our partnership is as efficient as possible.
Somos especialistas

Nuestros servicios de desinfección profesionales son realizados por nuestros Especialistas, de acuerdo con las prácticas de higiene y seguridad industriales. Un equipo realiza el tratamiento en sus instalaciones en un momento conveniente para usted y una vez que el tratamiento finalice podrá continuar sus actividades habituales.

Ecolab como líder cuenta con una profunda experiencia en tecnología antimicrobiana y en requisitos reglamentarios sobre riesgos de la salud pública y seguridad alimentaria.

Ecolab's uniquely designed, short contact time disinfectants have been rigorously tested for specific surfaces

Reliable service performed by highly trained Service Specialists

Deep expertise in antimicrobial technology and regulatory requirements around public health and food safety risks

Common Questions

Can I disinfect hard & soft surfaces with one product?

Most disinfectant products are labeled for use on hard surfaces only. Sanitation and disinfection of soft surfaces, such as carpet and upholstery, requires products and application methods defined by the EPA.

Can a space be returned to use immediately after disinfection?

In some cases yes. However, if the surface is a food contact surface, then additional rinsing and sanitizing will be required returning to service.


disinfection sell sheet
What Every Business Should Know About Disinfection Services
Cleaning and disinfection are more critical to your business than ever. Don't trust just anyone - know what service critical elements look for and questions you should ask your provider.

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