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Sistemas de enfriamiento de agua
Seguridad e higiene de agua
Sistemas de calderas
Fab and Sub Fab
Waste Water
Capacidades de apoyo analítico
Process Cooling Water
Ultra Pure Water

Sistemas de enfriamiento de agua

La tecnología de enfriamiento de agua 3D TRASARTM de Nalco Water puede detectar variabilidades en el sistema, determinar la respuesta correcta y darle eficiencia a la operación y el costo. This has enabled fabs to use reclaimed process rinse waters as cooling tower make-up and, in certain cases, eliminate the use of fresh water for cooling towers - all with assured asset preservation.

Más beneficios del programa de agua de enfriamiento de 3D TRASAR:

  • Less energy with scale and fouling prevention
  • Reduced water with increased cycles of concentration
  • Real-time system data via performance dashboards
  • Assurance that system experts are watching your system 24/7
  • In one customer’s operation, 1.2 billion gallons of water were saved in five years with no loss of chiller performance in 17 years
  • In another, 73 million gallons of water were saved in the first year, with over $1.7 million in reduced Total Cost of Operation (TCO)

Seguridad e higiene de agua

From Legionella testing and inspection of cooling towers to cleaning & disinfecting and the certification supporting a cooling tower water management plan, our Water Safety Protocol provides a complete water safety solution:

  • Legionella testing – Nalco Water conducts more Legionella analysis than any other organization in the world. We are global experts in water safety with over 25 years of experience.
  • On-line Tower Disinfection – Highly trained and certified Nalco Water service engineers will disinfect the operating cooling water system over a six-hour period, and then safely return the system to normal operating conditions.
  • Off-line Tower Disinfection – Certified Nalco Water service engineers complete a full physical cleaning of the tower decks, fan housing area, distribution nozzles, tower fill and water sump.
  • Inspection and Certification – Nalco Water is certified according to guidelines published in the OSHA Technical Manual (Section III: Chapter 7, Legionnaires’ Disease).
  • Having developed and implemented over 10,000 cooling tower water management plans globally, Nalco Water can help you develop a water management plan tailored to your operation and compliant with ASHRAE Standard 188.

Sistemas de calderas

3D TRASARTM​​​​​​​ de Nalco Water Boiler Technology improves competitive advantage and decreases total operating costs. We help you produce reliable, safe, and cost-effective steam using a total system approach.

Más razones para trabajar con Nalco Water:

  • Oxygen scavengers, internal treatment, and condensate corrosion inhibitors
  • Tecnología que monitorea y controla el tratamiento interno en tiempo real y la corrosión del sistema previo a la caldera
  • Protección del sistema de vapor con programas diseñados según sus necesidades
  • Ahorro en agua y energía a través de programas optimizados
  • Savings in fuel, water and extended asset life can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars

Fab and Sub Fab

Nalco Water's work on PCCL (Process Critical Closed Loops) enables semiconductor tool manufacturers to ensure higher uptime levels, and avoid problems within tools' cooling water circuits. Additionally, ongoing work on process metrologies creates opportunities for chip producers to improve process visibility and reduce inefficiencies and scrap.

Más razones para trabajar con Nalco Water:

  • Tool-specific water treatment solutions
  • Global deployment capabilities
  • Analytical support

Waste Water

Nalco Water's capabilities to help control heavy metals and fluoride in fab wastewater and ensure regulatory compliance and reduce total cost of operation.

Más razones para trabajar con Nalco Water:

  • DBOOM capabilities (Design, Build, Own, Operate and Maintain) for specific wastewater challenges
  • NalmetTM heavy metal removal programs for better treatment of chelated metal streams with improved aquatic toxicity levels
  • Reduced hazardous sludge generation and lower disposal costs
  • Examples of savings have exceeded $5 million

Capacidades de apoyo analítico

Nalco Water's Global Analytical Support enables faster, more thorough troubleshooting and problem resolution. Examples of laboratory support include:

  • Water analysis (UPW, PCW, Wastewater, Cooling Water, Reclaimed Water);
  • Microbial analysis;
  • Deposit analysis;
  • Failure Analysis (metallographic);
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane autopsies; and
  • Corrosion coupons.

These types of analysis can help fabs make better decisions faster on topics as diverse as:

  • Resolving production-impacting PCW issues.
  • Reclaiming new water sources as cooling water make-up, reducing water consumption and water footprint.
  • Optimizing RO system performance.
  • In one case, Nalco Water’s lab support helped a customer identify the source of a PCW contamination issue and facilitated the customer task force’s ability to quickly narrow its focus and find and eliminate the problem.

Agua de enfriamiento del proceso (PCW)

Nalco Water's emphasis on controlling scale, corrosion, and microbio in cooling water helps protect the water that ensures a reliable manufacturing environment in the fab.

Más razones para trabajar con Nalco Water:

  • 3D TRASARTM Cooling Water Technology gives real-time process visibility to critical water parameters including conductivity, corrosion rates, hydraulic losses and pH
  • TRAC cooling water programs ensure excellent corrosion control for a wide range of metallurgies across a broad range of conductivity requirements
  • Nalco Water filtration systems help to minimize system deposits in small tolerance cooling water systems to ensure cooling water supply

Ultra Pure Water

Nalco Water's PermaCareTM product line and control technologies help prevent RO problems and ensure high quality permeate.

Más razones para trabajar con Nalco Water:

  • Highly effective antiscalants to prevent mineral deposits from membrane build-up, causing fouling and downtime
  • 3D TRASARTM Membrane Technology for:
    • Precise antiscalant dosing
    • Protection of membranes from oxidant spikes
    • Optimization of recovery rates and cleaning schedules
  • Cleaners specifically formulated to remove mineral scale, insoluble scale, organic fouling and microbial residues
  • One multi-site customer experienced a 30% reduction in total operating cost


Nalco Water's COIL-FLOTM coil cleaning and air filtration packages improve coil efficiency and air quality resulting in "more air, cooler air."

Más razones para trabajar con Nalco Water:

  • Reduced air handler energy costs
  • Lower filter expenditures
  • Data-based documentation of energy savings
  • Dedicated, trained cleaning staff
  • COIL-FLO average payback is 10 months with examples of 11% reduction in electrical costs


Nalco Water's water treatment programs help ensure efficient scrubber performance and fab environmental compliance by controlling scale and microbial deposits.

Más razones para trabajar con Nalco Water:

  • Increased air scrubber efficiency
  • Controlled maintenance
  • Prevention of scale and microbial deposits
  • Hands-off chemical treatment programs