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Ecolab Launches DuraLoc™ Floor Cleaning Tools

20 de mayo de 2016

CHICAGO - May 20, 2016 - Ecolab introduces DuraLoc™ Floor Tools, a revolutionary new line of floor cleaning tools designed to outlast traditional floor tools. In addition to their extreme durability, DuraLoc tools feature an innovative, interchangeable tool head insert system that allows users to switch heads easily. This unique system enables customers to replace only the wear parts (tool head) for certain tasks rather than the whole tool (tool head and handle).

Slips and falls are the leading causes of customer and employee injuries in restaurants.1 DuraLoc floor tools are designed to help foodservice operators maintain cleaner, safer floors to minimize those risks. Industry reports suggest that slip-and-fall injuries cost an average of $10,000 to $15,000 per store, per month.1 Helping to reduce the risk of slips and falls, DuraLoc tools and Ecolab floor cleaners are designed to work together, giving operators the ultimate clean in less time.

One of the most important ways to ensure floors are clean and safe is with thorough deck brushing to break down and remove greasy build-up that can cause slip-and-fall accidents. To help ensure proper deck brushing, the DuraLoc deck brush features the Big Dipper™, a never-before-seen accessory that has proven to reduce deck-brushing time by 70 percent.2 When the deck brush is dunked into the chemical bucket, the Big Dipper automatically fills with cleaning solution. The DuraLoc deck brush with the Big Dipper accessory applies and agitates the floor cleaner in one simple step, saving time and helping ensure proper cleaning procedures are followed.

Ecolab's tools program includes floor care, grill cleaning and fryer cleaning tools. By combining extreme durability and innovative features with advanced cleaning products, Ecolab sets the standard for the best tool cleaning program in the foodservice industry.

To learn more about DuraLoc floor care tools, visit foodsafety.ecolab.com.

Sobre Ecolab
Un socio de confianza en más de un millón de lugares diferentes, Ecolab (ECL) es el líder global en servicios y tecnologías de agua, higiene y energía que protegen a las personas y a los recursos vitales. En 2015, con ventas por $13.5 mil millones y 47,000 asociados, Ecolab ofrece soluciones y servicios integrales en el sitio para propiciar alimentos seguros, mantener entornos limpios, optimizar el uso del agua y la energía, y mejorar la eficiencia operativa para los clientes de los mercados de alimentos, atención médica, energía, alojamiento e industria en más de 170 países de todo el mundo.

Para obtener más noticias e información de Ecolab, visite es-mx.ecolab.com.

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Roman Blahoski

20 de mayo de 2016

1 National Floor Safety Institute

2 Based on observing times for six different cleaning employees washing two different floor areas



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