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Ecolab invierte capital en Aquatech International

Relationship further expands Nalco Water’s total water management solutions

15 de julio de 2016

ST. PAUL, Minn. - July 15, 2016 - Ecolab Inc., the parent company of Nalco Water, has made a minority equity investment in Aquatech International. Based in Canonsburg, Pa., Aquatech is a privately owned global leader in the design and engineering of complex and comprehensive water treatment solutions that improve water quality and reduce net water usage. Aquatech also provides a suite of industry-leading technologies for the reuse and recycling of water in the most demanding of industrial settings.

Through this relationship, Nalco Water, a global leader in industrial water treatment solutions and services, increases its leading capabilities to provide customers with comprehensive end-to-end solutions to minimize net water usage and maximize process performance and productivity.

"Diminishing access to clean water is one of the greatest risks facing the world today," said Christophe Beck, Ecolab executive vice president and president of Nalco Water. "Ecolab's unique water and hygiene solutions, automation expertise and team of 25,000 on-site experts have long provided superior solutions for our customers. This relationship with Aquatech brings technologies and design and engineering capabilities that further expand our ability to provide the most advanced and robust total water management solutions to our customers."

"We are excited about the opportunity to deploy our cutting-edge technology solutions with Nalco Water's industry-leading services," said Venkee Sharma, chief executive officer of Aquatech. "With the combination of the two companies' expertise, technologies and global footprint, we will provide the most comprehensive total water management solutions to any industry, anywhere in the world." 

Sobre Ecolab

Un socio de confianza en más de un millón de lugares diferentes, Ecolab (ECL) es el líder global en servicios y tecnologías de agua, higiene y energía que protegen a las personas y a los recursos vitales. En 2015, con ventas por $13.5 mil millones y 47,000 asociados, Ecolab ofrece soluciones y servicios integrales en el sitio para propiciar alimentos seguros, mantener entornos limpios, optimizar el uso del agua y la energía, y mejorar la eficiencia operativa para los clientes de los mercados de alimentos, atención médica, energía, alojamiento e industria en más de 170 países de todo el mundo.

Para obtener más noticias e información de Ecolab, visite es-mx.ecolab.com. Síganos en Twitter @ecolab o en Facebook en facebook.com/ecolab.

About Aquatech

Established in 1981, the privately held Aquatech is a leading global provider of industrial and infrastructure water treatment solutions and services. Based in Canonsburg, Pa., it has offices throughout North America and has a significant presence worldwide through subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East, India and China. Primary product groups offered by Aquatech are Raw Water Treatment, Ion Exchange, Membrane Processes, Wastewater Recycle / Reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge, Industrial Concentration and Desalination. In the past 35 years Aquatech has executed more than 1,500 projects, integrating several of its product groups, in over 60 countries across the globe, for the power generation, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and other industries. Aquatech, through its subsidiaries and offices, has global capabilities to suit logistics of project sites throughout the world. For more information, visit aquatech.com




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15 de julio de 2016                          



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